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Welcome from Sheriff Bobby Gates




Welcome to the Talbot County Sheriff's department's website.  As your Sheriff, I would like to welcome you to our website. It is our goal to be proactive and provide you with information that will enhance your knowledge of the Sheriff's Office and improve the quality of life for the citizens and visitors of Talbot County.

We hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to the people of Talbot county.  We may be small in numbers, but we are actively seeking to hire new and qualified officers to protect life and property.  We hope you continue to believe in your sheriff's department and give us a chance to make the county better. Your concern and willingness to become involved are critical to our success and we appreciate that the citizens take an active part in the support and safety of their community and this office.

We all have to work together to make our community a safe place to live.  If you, the citizens of Talbot County, take an active role in the comunity by reporting any potential unsafe activities, we can make our community a safer place to live.  Please feel free to contact me with any issues or concerns.  We are here to make this a better community.

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